File a Crop Insurance Notice of Loss

If you’re a current Crop Growers crop insurance policyholder and prefer to electronically submit a notice of loss, simply complete the information below. As always, you should call our Crop Growers Service Center at 800-234-7012 if an adjuster has not been in contact within two business days.


  • Be sure you have filed a complete and accurate acreage report on a timely basis, and be certain your agent has all relevant information about your current farming operation.
  • Never destroy any production or acreage until your agent has been notified and a loss adjuster has inspected the acreage.
  • When harvesting, be sure to keep separate production records for each insurance unit. Do not commingle farm-stored production from separate units in a single storage bin unless authorized by an adjuster.
  • If you are unable to get into a field for harvesting prior to the end of the insurance period because of an insurable cause of loss, contact your agent immediately.

File Your Notice

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