• 2019 Director Election - Petition Notification

    Farm Credit East’s bylaws provide for the nomination of candidates by petition. To gain access by petition, an eligible nominee must provide the secretary of the association with signatures of at least 50 voting members by Thursday, January 24, 2019. If you would like to submit a petition, please contact General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Alena Gfeller at Alena.Gfeller@FarmCreditEast.com or (800) 562- 2235, for additional information.

    Customer Assistance Program

    As a customer-owned cooperative, Farm Credit East is committed to providing the services and resources that our members need. That is why we are now offering a customer assistance program at no cost to you. Farm Credit East customers and family members may access the assistance/counseling services of ESI Group by calling 800-252-4555 or visiting theEAP.com. All you need to indicate to use this complimentary service is that you are a Farm Credit East customer. Learn more

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