Our payroll specialists can help you achieve trouble-free payroll periods and eliminate the hassle and technicalities of payroll processing while complying with all federal and state regulations.

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We make payroll easy and trouble-free.

Time saving
Our ag-specific payroll services help you achieve trouble-free processing and give you back valuable time to spend on your actual business.
Ag expertise
Our experienced payroll and software specialists are part of a team of agricultural finance professionals who understand the special accounting, tax, record-keeping and payroll considerations of rural and family-owned businesses.
Informed approach
Our specialists are up to date on all current farm payroll rules, requirements and filing deadlines, and can help you develop a more coordinated and informed approach for managing your business.

Service Options

Payroll Management
  • Payroll record-keeping functions.
  • Tax calculations and deductions.
  • Monthly or quarterly payroll tax filing.
  • Print quarterly reports and payroll summaries.
  • Process federal and state tax forms (including W-2, W-3, 940, 941, 943).
  • Year-end tax filing (including W-2 preparation).
  • Seasonal or year-round payroll processing.
  • Direct deposit and paycheck options.
  • H-2A reporting.
  • Weekly, biweekly or semiweekly payroll processing.
On-Farm Payroll Software and Support

Agricultural Red Wing Software offers customizable solutions to fit your payroll needs and allows you to submit basic payroll online. Software support is available.

Online Cloud-based Software
  • Payroll Relief by Accountants World offers clients online access to manage payroll at their own convenience. Employers can manage their employees, enter employee hours, and access payroll data reports and compliance tax forms, including employee W2s.
  • Payroll Relief allows employees to access weekly pay statements and W2s, along with other employee profile capabilities.
  • Payroll Relief can also offer online integration with related accounting software, which helps eliminate manual accounting data entry.
Flexible, Ag-specific Payroll Programs
  • Payroll for H-2A, seasonal and part-time employees.
  • Overtime pay processing.
  • Unemployment tax processing.
  • Multistate tax prep and reports that conform to all state-specific regulations.
  • Local income tax filings.
  • Child support deductions via check or electronic transfers.

Take the stress out of paydays with Farm Credit East payroll services.

Learn more about having your payroll serviced by Farm Credit East.
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Payroll FAQs

Change does not always come at a convenient time. The main benefit of switching is to have your payroll in good hands as soon as possible before anything falls through the cracks — such as labor hours, which are at peak during your busy season. With your permission, we can contact your current provider for year-to-date data. In addition, we provide services right at your place of business, which makes the transition easier for you and requires less of your time.

It’s important to evaluate how well you (or your processing service) keep up with agricultural payroll rules and regulations. To find out, one of our ag payroll experts can review your needs and existing services and make a recommendation. We find that many of our customers prefer to focus on the day-to-day operations of running their agricultural businesses. Others are frustrated trying to keep up with ever-changing payroll rules, regulations and forms as well as demanding deadlines. Assuring trouble-free payroll while moving this responsibility off your plate may best be accomplished using payroll specialists who work exclusively with agricultural businesses, as ours do.

Another advantage: Our coordinated team of farm business experts can help to make the preparation of your financial records, income taxes and payroll more efficient.

At Farm Credit East, all payroll specialists take courses on agricultural payroll and must pass a test before they can provide this service to customers.

Yes, you do. We have a per-pay-period base charge and a per-check (transaction) charge. With a biweekly pay period, you have half the number of checks and pay periods. Certain state labor laws require waiver approval for paying other than weekly. We are happy to assist you with this process if you do not have the required approval.

Please note: H-2A labor may have weekly filing requirements, which we would confirm with your applicable liaison/state agency. Quarterly and annual filings remain the same.

We provide the reports needed for worker’s compensation audits. We can also customize your payroll setup and reports to match your audit classifications, which can help make your audit process fast and accurate.

We assign a processing day for you based on your needs and process your payroll the same day that we receive your information. We send your payroll package, including paychecks, to you or, if you prefer, you can pick up your employee paychecks at your local Farm Credit East office.

Please note: Direct deposit of employee pay does require an additional business day.

We customize our payroll service according to what each customer would like and what’s best for each business. For example, we can make direct deposits and automatically debit your bank account for all payroll taxes. We also offer the option for you to print paychecks at your operation. Or, if you prefer, we will provide you with the payroll stubs, and you can write the checks.

Not at all. Your employees can choose to receive their pay through direct deposit or by check, within the same payroll. In fact, your employees can have multiple direct deposit accounts (up to three) or check and direct deposit to savings.

Absolutely. We comply with electronic tax payment requirements for the IRS as well as your state(s). And if you prefer to remit your payment by check, we will print liability checks for any requirements that do not need electronic payment. We also assist with payroll deduction payments, such as retirement plan payments, employee tax levies, etc.

You must be comfortable with technology as all payroll data is submitted electronically to ensure security and timeliness of your payroll processing. Information can be submitted through our Payroll Relief portal or via Farm Credit Connect. You also submit required payroll information for each new employee along with wage or deduction changes. Good communication with your personal payroll specialist creates a smooth, timely process.

We keep specific instructions for each and every customer with their records just for such occasions so another payroll specialist will be ready to help. In fact, we have backup for every Farm Credit East payroll specialist with established protocols for ensuring that all client payrolls are delivered on time, whether it’s a hot, hazy Friday afternoon in July or the day before Christmas.

Darla and Jason Schwab of Schwab Dairy Farm pose for a photo on their dairy farm

"Just the efficiencies and the payroll paperwork that Farm Credit East takes care of for us make our lives easier."

Darla & Jason Schwab
Schwab Dairy Farm
Delevan, New York

View From the Field

“We don’t risk doing payroll ourselves.”

Who needs another job?

Jason Schwab and his mother, Darla Schwab, were busy enough milking 800 cows, raising 700 heifers, farming 2,000 acres and building a new gravel business as a side enterprise. Payroll processing was the last thing they needed to handle. As owners and managers of Schwab Dairy Farm in Delevan, New York, they needed to stay focused on three milkings a day and producing a 26,000-pound herd average.

“I used to prepare our payroll when we had three employees and three partners,” said Darla. “And, even then, I found that keeping up with ever-changing rules, regulations and forms was more than challenging.”

How we helped

The Schwabs now fax a summary of hours every pay period to their Farm Credit East office and receive their hourly employees’ payroll checks the following day. “The checks are never late,” Jason notes. “Farm Credit East also prepares all our payroll reports for us. And if we are ever audited, we wouldn’t need to deal with it, because they would take care of it for us.”

Spinoff benefits

Along with payroll, Farm Credit East manages deductions for a new retirement plan, providing a check for the plan manager and a spreadsheet for tracking employee-specific contributions. Also, we can now provide labor expense summaries and other reports as needed.

“Recently, we asked Farm Credit to provide a summary of our labor expenses for each area of our businesses, such as for crops, shop, dairy and maintenance. It is nice to be able to make one phone call and get a special report like this the following day.”

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