June 6, 2023

Ag Economy

Economic Impact of the Cranberry Industry to Massachusetts

Flip through the entire 2023 Economic Impact of the Cranberry Industry to Massachusetts report below or scroll down the page to read the introduction and click to download the full report.

Economic Impact of the Cranberry Industry to Massachusetts


The cranberry industry makes a major economic contribution to the economy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As our nation’s second largest producer of cranberries, and home for a number of significant cranberry related businesses, this industry creates major economic activity well beyond the nearly 13,0001 acres of cranberry bogs in southeastern Massachusetts.

Massachusetts cranberry growers continue to be among the most progressive and efficient producers in the country. The Commonwealth produces 28% of the nation’s cranberries, second only to Wisconsin, and markets both processed and fresh market. There is no other Massachusetts food product which ranks as high in terms of national production in addition to having a significant economic contribution to the state’s economy.


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