December 19, 2023

Crop Insurance

Crop Growers Year-End Reflection

By: Daniele Harris


As a crop insurance agent   visiting hundreds of farms of all shapes and sizes throughout the year, I am often asked how I got into this line of work (as it is not the most typical). I give my agricultural background and story, leading to how I came to be a crop insurance agent. Each time I tell my story, I am able to reflect on how thankful I am for the work I get to do. Not every day is perfect, but having the ability to make a difference in an agricultural operation allows me to walk away with such fulfillment.

Crop Growers agents are noncommissioned, meaning what we recommend, and what clients choose to insure, does not affect our pay. I give honest feedback and challenge my clients to see things from different points of view. I don’t believe in over-insuring an operation. The Crop Growers / Farm Credit East structure allows me to do my job for the best interests of my clients.

This has enabled me to build strong relationships with the agricultural producers throughout the territory I serve. And those relationships mean the world to me. I am lucky enough to work with some of the most honest and kind people. I know if my car were to break down in the dead of winter in any of the seven counties within my territory, I could call a client and they would be there in no time.

I was recently married, and producers ask to see wedding pictures. I am covering the maternity leave for another agent, and producers ask how she is doing, and they know all her kids’ names. I attended a Farmland Protection Board meeting recently, and a producer asked if I work with another agent within my company. When I responded, “yes,” the producer said, “she is the best, isn’t she?” Those little personal touches warm my heart, and I am so grateful to work for Northeast farmers.

Risk management is quickly becoming a necessity on all agricultural operations, no matter the commodity. My clients aren’t just a number to me. They are feeding the world and have more impact on the world, and my own life, than they know. And I want them to be successful, so I recommend sound risk management plans that will enable them to keep farming year after year, regardless of the obstacles that growing season presents. 

If you or a producer you know has crop or livestock insurance needs, please reach out to Crop Growers. We're happy to talk you through the options that would work best for your operation. Until then, I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to continuing to help Northeast producers manage risk in their operations into 2024. 


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