Industry Support

Projects, Organizations and Recipients

AgEnhancement grants support a wide range of projects necessary to build stronger agriculture and related industries. Many initiatives are to assist young farmers and youth that are considering agriculture for a career.

Leadership Development

Organizations that develop leadership among young farmers and youth. This includes grants to the Future Farmers of America, 4-H, the Holstein Association’s Young Dairy Leaders Institute, Lead New York, the New Jersey Leadership Program, Beef Expo and the Cornell Dairy Fellows Program.

Economic Viability and Enhancement

Projects to promote economic development have included those by the New York Farmers Market Federation, New Hampshire Farm Link, Maine Association of Conservation Districts, the New York AgriDevelopment Corporation and the Center of Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship.

Programs to Promote Northeast Farm Products

Grants to create greater awareness and develop markets for Northeast farm products have included projects of New England Green Pastures, NY Apple Association, the New England Departments of Agriculture – US Food Export Showcase and Long Island Farm Bureau.

Building a Better Understanding of Agriculture, Forestry and Commercial Fishing

Agriculture in the Classroom programs of Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey along with Ocean Adventure (commercial fishing) and Witter Museum at the NYS Fair have been awarded grants to create a greater awareness and understanding of agriculture in the Northeast.

Economic Analysis to Foster Agriculture

Economic studies including a special report on the need for the Northeast Dairy Compact, a research effort with the State Departments of Agriculture to develop a cost of production crop insurance program and a special survey of farm worker wages, benefits and performance standards have received grants.

Comments by the Northeast AgEnhancement Program Recipients:

  • “The Northeast AgEnhancement grant award will help to strengthen the fiber industry of not only eastern New York State, but also fiber farms in western Vt,, Conn., and Mass. that are expected to be served by the Coop’s programs. The educational program on producing and marketing top quality fiber will help fiber producers increase profitability on their farms.” Southern Adirondack Fiber Producers Cooperative, Inc.
  • "Northeast Farm Credit AgEnhancement has played an important role in helping the Holstein Foundation build a leadership transition team for the dairy industry though our preeminent program, young Dairy Leaders Institute." Holstein Association
  • "The AgEnhancement grants were crucial to the establishment of our Taste, Face and Place of NY Farms campaign. In each county we raised the visibility of agriculture with media coverage that included local winning photos, outreach to schools, photo clubs, business and arts councils." NY Farms!
  • "With the AgEnhancement grant, we were able to position New England Agriculture in an international trade show and feature food products from the region" NE Departments of Agriculture
  • "The grant allows our dairy industry interested students to learn and experience the real world i.e. farm tours, industry visits / seminars and farm analysis." Cornell Dairy Fellows Program
  • "FFA members received leadership training which enabled them to further educate other members about NE agriculture, leadership and FFA." New Hampshire and Vermont FFA Associations