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  • Green Industry Economic Outlook for 2021

    2020 was a remarkable year for the nursery, sod, and greenhouse industries. After initial disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customer demand for lawn and garden products surged, and sales were generally up overall for the green industry. As we enter 2021, there is optimism, but a great deal of uncertainty as well. Join Dr. Charlie Hall of Texas A&M University for a 2021 outlook.

  • How New Research is Helping New York Dairy Farms Use Less Antimicrobials

    Join the New York Farm Viability Institute for its fourth session in the series exploring the factors that influence a farmer’s decision to adopt a new practice. This session will feature the researchers and educators that are working to help farmers adopt Selective Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT) in their operation. Learn what they think is working well, and where the “watch outs” may be.

  • 2021 Lumber Market Outlook

    North American lumber markets soared to record levels in 2020, driven higher by strong end-use market consumption and supply side constraints. Will we see another record year in 2021? Paul Jannke of Forest Economic Advisors will discuss demand side drivers for lumber markets, whether or not supply will respond to the high prices and what he expects for lumber markets in 2021-22.


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