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We deliver the products and expertise to finance the needs of your dairy business.
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2024 Dairy Outlook Webinar Recap
Farm Credit East and Crop Growers crop insurance recently hosted a webinar to provide a 2024 outlook for the Northeast dairy industry.
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2024 Dairy Outlook Webinar
Dr. Christopher Wolf and Dr. Marin Bozic present a recap of 2023, and an outlook for what 2024 may bring us in global dairy markets.
Dairy Industry Update
Read our latest analysis of the current state of the dairy industry.

Financing & Services We Offer Dairy Farmers

Cover all your operating expenses such as replacement stock, feed and supplies with a customized farm operating loan.
From tractors to hay equipment, choppers to wagons, we offer attractive loan and lease options for all types of farm equipment.
Finance farmland, hay ground and pastures with long-term fixed rates and payment structures that align with your cash flow.
We finance dairy barns, parlors, feed facilities and more with flexible terms to meet your needs.
Our experts can help you navigate tax law around family business structures, prepaid farm expenses, equipment depreciation and more to get every deduction possible.
At Farm Credit East, we provide comprehensive financial record-keeping services from accounting professionals trained in ag- and dairy-related rules and regulations.
Ag-specific payroll services from Farm Credit East can help you achieve trouble-free payroll periods and eliminate the hassle and technicalities of payroll processing while complying with all federal and state regulations.
Our agriculture consultants can help you get the best return on your business. We develop unique working relationships with each client based on your business objectives and how you like to work on any specific aspect of business management.
By working with a Farm Credit consultant, your family can build a plan that will provide peace of mind around your dairy operation. No matter what happens, you can be assured that your loved ones will be taken care of.
Work with a team of dairy and livestock insurance specialists who can help you protect your dairy revenue and pastures and limit your financial risk.
The Dairy Benchmarks Program provides in-depth financial and production analyses and compares results with those of similar, profitable farms in the program. As part of the program, you’ll also receive a personalized and comprehensive analysis of your farm.

Incentives We Offer for Veterans and Beginning Dairy Farmers

We have a number of programs to support talented, hardworking individuals entering agriculture. Helping young people get started in dairy farming is one of our long-term commitments to Northeast agriculture. Programs include our young, beginning, small and veteran farmer incentives, FarmStart and GenerationNext.

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