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Financial Partner magazine is for the customers, employees and friends of Farm Credit East, providing industry insights for higher yields and updates on the cooperative.

Latest Edition: Summer 2022


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One Farm Credit East: A Glimpse into the New Northern Region

Earlier this year, Farm Credit East was pleased to join with Yankee Farm Credit. Entering into this merger were two like-minded associations that had partnered together on a number of programs over many years, and what emerged is a strong cooperative committed to the future of Northeast agriculture, commercial fishing and forest products.

In this issue’s cover story, meet some of the new faces from the Northern Region, including several agriculture and forestry operations in Vermont, along with a few of our new teammates.

Additional Content

  • CEO Mike Reynolds thanks customers and staff for a smooth merger transition, and highlights upcoming digital initiatives to enhance the customer experience.
  • Learn more about the director election process, including how to be considered as a director candidate or member of the nominating committee.
  • In The Washington Update, we feature a story on retiring Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy.
  • Meet this year’s 38 Farm Credit East Scholarship recipients.
  • Save the dates for upcoming Customer Appreciation Events.

Historical Editions

Farm Credit
Spring 2022: Voice of Membership

In our last Financial Partner, we introduced Farm Credit East’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. As a customer-owned cooperative, ESG is an increasing priority for Farm Credit East, and the governance pillar is one often overlooked when discussing ESG, however it is the one most customer focused. Governance defines how corporate decisions are made and how rights and responsibilities are distributed to interested parties, including the board of directors, management and shareholders.

March 23, 2022

Farm Credit
Fall 2021: Giving Back to our Communities

ESG, or Environmental, Social, Governance, is an area of increasing focus for investors, policymakers and other stakeholders. Whether it’s serving customers and the industries in which they operate or contributing to the communities where Farm Credit East customers and staff live, Farm Credit East’s role as steward is one it takes seriously. In this issue’s cover story, learn more about Farm Credit East’s ESG story, including a few programs and initiatives the cooperative has supported in recent years to ensure the vitality of the Farm Credit East team, customers and the communities where our team lives and works. 

December 07, 2021

Innovation and Emerging Markets
Summer 2021

The last decade has been the warmest on record, with 2020 being the second warmest year ever reported. This has brought climate change and environmental protection to the forefront - and agriculture plays a critical role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. In this issue’s cover story, learn more about the environmentally preferable practices Northeast operations are implementing as they work toward reducing their carbon footprint and conserving natural resources. Also in this issue, meet this year's 33 scholarship recipients aspiring to careers in agriculture, forest products, commercial fishing and related fields. 

July 01, 2021

Ag Economy
Spring 2021
The widespread disruptions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic created a dramatic shift in our food system impacting agriculture and processing along the food chain in different ways. In this issue’s cover story, we look at how Northeast agriculture, commercial fishing and forest products markets reacted to the pandemic, lessons learned along the way, what still needs to change, and how our supply chain may be impacted.

March 16, 2021

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