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Past Webinars

  • Grants for Northeast Agriculture: The Ins and Outs of Finding and Applying for Grants, Incentives and Cost-Shares

    Nathan Rudgers, Director of Business Development for Farm Credit East, and Janet McAllister, Regional Professional Development Coordinator for Northeast SARE, discussed grants, incentives and cost-shares for Northeast agriculture. This free webinar was held on December 04 and addressed grant availability and offerings, how you should (or shouldn’t) apply, and when to do it yourself vs. engaging a professional. Janet discussed Northeast SARE offerings and opportunities, and included some grant project examples.

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  • Dairy Risk Management

    Farm Credit East and Crop Growers hosted a Dairy Risk Management webinar on October 5. This webinar provided an overview of the available dairy risk management options offered by USDA and the Risk Management Agency. A significant focus was on discussing the newly released Dairy-Revenue Protection program.
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  • 2015 Dairy Outlook

    As we go into 2015 what lies ahead for Northeast dairy producers? This webinar took a look ahead at the coming year and what’s coming in dairy economics, policies and regulations. Our guest speakers were Mark Stephenson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, who covered the 2015 dairy economic outlook; Andy Novakovic, Cornell University, provided a dairy policy update; Karl Czymmek, Cornell University, gave environmental/CAFO and OSHA updates; and Bob Smith, Farm Credit East, provided a legislative update.

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