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Past Webinars

  • Dairy Risk Management

    Farm Credit East and Crop Growers hosted a Dairy Risk Management webinar on October 5. This webinar provided an overview of the available dairy risk management options offered by USDA and the Risk Management Agency. A significant focus was on discussing the newly released Dairy-Revenue Protection program.
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  • Annual Northeast Dairy Farm Summary

    Given low milk prices, the past several years have been challenging for dairy producers. How did Northeast dairy producers manage last year? The Annual Northeast Dairy Farm Summary webinar was held on May 01. An important study of Northeast dairy economics, this year’s DFS report summarizes the financial performance of Northeast farms in 2017.

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  • Inside the 2018 Margin Protection Program

    Significant changes to the Margin Protection Program for dairy producers were made in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. The Farm Service Agency announced new implementation rules to accommodate the changes. Mark Stephenson, University of Wisconsin, and Andrew Novakovic, Cornell University, conducted a webinar to walk through these changes and to assess impacts on producers who participate.

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  • Green Industry Outlook

    The economy seems to be picking up steam, and this has benefited consumer-oriented industries, housing markets and, of course, greenhouse and nursery growers. Texas A&M’s Dr. Charlie Hall presented his take on the current situation and what we have to look forward to.

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