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  • EPA Finalizes RFS Compliance Delays

    The EPA on Friday finalized Renewable Fuel Standard compliance deadline delays for refiners, as the biofuels industry continues to wait for already-delayed RFS volumes.
  • Ag Weather Forum

    January's Tonga volcano eruption calls to mind the effect of 1991's Mount Pinatubo blow-up on U.S. crop weather. Could ash and particulates from the latest volcano be far-reaching enough to affect the global climate and, in turn, possibly the upcoming growing season for U.S. agriculture?
  • More Fertilizer Volatility?

    The possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia would certainly affect the global fertilizer market. The exact effects are unknown, but one thing is certain -- escalation of this latest geopolitical row would not help historically high fertilizer to decline.
  • Know Your Sulfur Sources

    Cleaner air means less sulfur available for your corn crop. Here are four other places you might find this valuable nutrient lurking.
  • Family Business Matters

    Improving the "family" part of business requires a leader who facilitates discussion.
  • Marubeni Selling Gavilon to Viterra

    Japan-based Marubeni is selling most of its U.S.-based grain business run by Gavilon to Netherlands-based Viterra for $1.125 billion. Marubeni cited challenges owning Gavilon, which had taken significant financial losses during the past several years due to lower commodity prices.
  • Climate, Agronomics Boost Corn Yields

    The findings of a University of Nebraska study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences bring into question the role corn genetics play in higher yields.
  • DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    Potash was down slightly, but the other retail fertilizer prices were slightly higher for the third week of January. 10-34-0 hit the $800/ton level for the first time since March 2012.
  • Calif. Court Halts Prop 12 Enforcement

    A superior court in California has halted the enforcement of the state's animal-welfare law Proposition 12, to allow industry six months to comply once rules for the program are finalized.
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