Ag News

  • Iowa Appeals Ruling on Ag-Gag Law

    The state of Iowa is asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit to reverse a judge's decision to throw out the state's so-called ag-gag law.
  • Corn, Soybeans to Have Higher PLC Yield

    As a result of changes to the Price Loss Coverage, or PLC, made in the 2018 farm bill, corn, soybeans, upland cotton and sorghum all have a higher 2018 yields than 2014 PLC update yields.
  • Livestock & Poultry Outlook

    USDA expects total red meat and poultry production to reach a new record of 104.7 billion pounds, up from the previous record of 102.4 billion pounds in 2018.
  • Best Young Farmers/Ranchers-5

    This farmer puts all of his management focus on sugarcane and has one of the highest-producing cane farms in Louisiana.
  • Ag Outlook Comes Into Focus

    USDA opens its Agricultural Outlook Forum on Thursday with a focus on acreage and production expectations for 2019. Meanwhile, land values largely remain strong in the Midwest and Plains states, but bankers are highlighting tighter loan conditions and worries about lower commodity prices.
  • Crop Insurance Update

    The administrator for USDA's Risk Management Agency told participants at a crop insurance convention Monday that RMA is now busy implementing the changes to crop insurance that Congress included in the farm bill. One he expects to be popular will allow farmers with "enterprise units" to include acreage in more than one county.
  • Sulfur Fertilizers: One Vital Nutrient

    Crops need the proper amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to produce healthy plants and top yields. Nearly as important is sulfur. Plants not only need sulfur but also require it in the right form for plant availability.
  • Stamp Farms Co-Defendants Sentenced

    In recent years, there have been reliable opportunities to lock in futures spreads and earn "carry" for storing grain six months past harvest. The upward trend of flat prices from harvest to springtime is less reliable.
  • Tariffs Slow Export Projections

    Net farm income in 2018 was the third lowest over the last 20 years in inflation-adjusted terms, with income down in all regions of the country, a Farm Bureau economist told crop insurers. Meanwhile, the impact from tariffs has driven up stocks for crops such as soybeans and lowered long-term export forecasts.
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