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  • More Perspective on Kan. Feedlot Deaths

    Early attempts to mitigate losses of fat cattle in a Kansas feedlot to heat stress could not overcome what has been described as a "natural disaster."
  • Fertilizer Study Sheds Light on Higher Prices

    Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller announced in February 2022 his office would look into historically high fertilizer prices as agricultural groups asked for this request. In wanting to learn more, Miller asked Iowa State University to study the issue. The report from ISU was released this week.
  • When Corn Leaves Roll

    If your field is beginning to look more like a pineapple crop than a cornfield, you're witnessing some clever corn biology at work.
  • Prevented Planting May Be Lower

    After a tough planting season delayed by a late snowstorm, crop acreage in North Dakota and surrounding states is starting to look better than anticipated last month when analysts were forecasting high amounts of prevented-planting acres in the Northern Plains.
  • Biden Pitches Fuel Tax Holiday

    President Joe Biden on Wednesday called on Congress to suspend the federal gas and diesel taxes for 90 days, but experts say the savings to consumers would be small and do little to address the root cause of high prices.
  • DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    Retail fertilizer prices continued to be mostly lower the second full week of June 2022. As with last week, seven of the eight major fertilizers were lower than a month ago.
  • Straight-Line Winds Damage Crops, Bins

    When straight-line winds of up to 115 mph and large hail hit east-central Nebraska on June 14, it left a path of shredded crops, overturned irrigation equipment and damaged bins. Now, as they assess and clean up the damage, farmers plan how to continue the rest of their crop season.
  • Western Ag Asks EPA for WOTUS Clarity

    Western water interests told the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that farmers and ranchers need clear definitions of waters of the U.S.
  • Shipping, Labor and Regulatory Fixes

    The various challenges of labor in rural America, transportation and reliance on foreign countries for key inputs were repeated themes as executives from Cargill Protein, John Deere, Dairy Farmers of America, MFA Inc., and the Mid-Kansas Coop each touched on individual challenges in their businesses during a Kansas City Agribusiness Council forum Thursday.
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