Ag News

  • Hurricane's Aftermath: Loan Fears

    Gerald Long, president of the Georgia Farm Bureau, said loan repayment is one the biggest concerns facing farmers in his state after the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. The Georgia Department of Agriculture summed up early estimates as reported losses, noting, "... the numbers are staggering." The losses could approach $3 billion.
  • Agencies Target Food Waste

    The three-agency agreement commits USDA, EPA and FDA "to increasing collaboration and coordination in our existing federal programs in areas of mutual interest relating to the reduction of food loss and waste" for two years, but does not involve any financial obligations.
  • Todd's Take

    USDA estimated a 3.7% drop in world wheat production in October. That may be the most bullish news wheat hears the rest of the year.
  • Intensify to Sustainability

    University of Arkansas professor Marty Matlock said consumers should not have to decide between "sustainable and unsustainable food." Consumers have a standard expectation of safety and should have the same expectation for sustainability. Food production, due to farmer stewardship, may already meet sustainability goals, but that message might not be reaching consumers.
  • DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    As retail fertilizer prices continue to steadily march higher, fewer farmers say they plan to pre-price their fall fertilizer needs.
  • Winter Forecasts Differ

    Prospects for a weak El Nino Pacific Ocean temperature pattern open the door for notable discrepancy in the winter 2018-19 forecast.
  • E15 Rule Expected in February

    The EPA's fall agenda released on Wednesday outlines the timetables on several key ag-related regulations.
  • US Wants Aggressive Trade Talks

    Coming off the completion of the new North American free-trade deal -- the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement -- the U.S. Trade Representative's office announced new talks on three possible trade negotiations.
  • Global Food Gap Growing

    The 2018 Global Agricultural Productivity (GAP) Index, put together by the Global Harvest Initiative, continues to highlight that food production is not growing fast enough to sustainably feed the world in 2050. The problem is worse in low-income countries where production growth is falling way behind demand.
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