Ag News

  • Projected Revenue Insurance Prices

    February is the month in which the projected prices of corn, soybeans and spring wheat for revenue insurance purposes are determined for many states.
  • DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    Prices for all eight major fertilizers were higher the second week of February; however, no fertilizer was up significantly.
  • Smarter Than Weeds

    A new technology aims to use artificial intelligence to create clean fields.
  • Todd's Take

    Traders anticipate a big soybean harvest from Brazil and U.S. exports are in the dumps. Why are FOB soybean prices at their highest level in nearly a year?
  • Taxlink

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act significantly changed how agribusiness looks at depreciation. Bonus deprecation was one of the few items in the new law that applies retroactively. Under the new law, annual depreciation limits on passenger autos also increase significantly.
  • Weighing Possible Huge Merger

    If Archer Daniels Midland takes over Bunge Ltd., the resulting company would be the largest grain handler in the United States.
  • NGFA Calls on Congress to Act

    The president of the National Grain and Feed Association expressed disappointment that Congress so far hasn't been able to change the new tax provision that is disrupting the grain trade.
  • Farmland Prices Remain Strong

    Recent land sales in Iowa and a new Kansas City Federal Reserve bank report show farmland values remain strong despite lower grain prices.
  • DDG Weekly Update

    The DTN average dried distillers grains price for the week ended Feb. 15 was stronger at $148 per ton.
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