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  • 2022 DTN Digital Yield Tour - KS, MO

    With nothing but hot and dry in the rearview mirror and out the windshield, the Kansas corn yield is on its way to 118 bushels per acre, the lowest since 2012's historic drought. In general, Missouri suffered more of a chronic soil moisture shortage than drought, and with better weather in the forecast, Gro estimates statewide corn yields will average 142.8 bpa.
  • Recruiting Nebraska Firms to Vietnam

    A trade delegation from Vietnam was in Nebraska this week, but they weren't looking to buy more beef. Instead, they were looking for manufacturers that might be interested in building in Vietnam, tapping the country's free-trade agreements to avoid import tariffs in Asia.
  • 2022 DTN Digital Yield Tour-NE, IA, WI

    Statewide yield estimates in Nebraska and Iowa trail sharply behind average at 158 bushels per acre and 180.4 bpa, respectively, while Wisconsin's less-volatile weather lifted yields closer to normal at 169.7 bpa.
  • How to Estimate Corn Yield

    Pre-harvest yield checks offer a chance to get an idea of how much the corn crop might yield, maturity stages and quality concerns.
  • USDA Reports Preview

    Friday's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates and Crop Production reports from USDA will not only try to refine USDA's harvest predictions but may also have something to say about this year's plantings.
  • DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    For the first time during this most recent price shift lower, all eight of the major fertilizers were less expensive compared to last month. Two fertilizers, urea and anhydrous, had significant price declines while the remaining six fertilizers were slightly lower.
  • 2022 DTN Digital Yield Tour -- IL IN OH

    Statewide yield estimates in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are near USDA's five-year averages, with the second day of the DTN Digital Yield Tour, powered by Gro Intelligence, showing yield estimates of 196.9 bushels per acre, 180.9 bpa and 178.9 bpa, respectively.
  • Senate Passes Inflation Reduction Act

    The biggest chunk of spending in the Inflation Reduction Act would address climate change in different ways, including programs for climate-smart agriculture and rural renewable energy. That includes about $20 billion for USDA conservation programs for farmers and landowners.
  • 2022 DTN Digital Yield Tour -- National

    The 2022 DTN Digital Yield Tour, powered by Gro Intelligence, estimates the national average corn yield at 167.2 bpa, while soybeans are anticipated to average 48.9 bpa.
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