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  • DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

    Potash was down slightly, but the other retail fertilizer prices were slightly higher for the third week of January. 10-34-0 hit the $800/ton level for the first time since March 2012.
  • Calif. Court Halts Prop 12 Enforcement

    A superior court in California has halted the enforcement of the state's animal-welfare law Proposition 12, to allow industry six months to comply once rules for the program are finalized.
  • Strip-Till Economics

    Minnesota farmer Greg Entinger switched systems to reduce input and equipment costs, as well as time spent in the field.
  • Sort and Cull

    Remember to closely analyze the data before you react to a market headline, as Friday's Cattle on Feed report is a perfect example of the need to better understand the report's full context verses its simple headline.
  • Idaho Family Fights Wetlands Designation

    The Supreme Court on Monday granted a new hearing in a long-standing battle with EPA to decide whether the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals followed "the proper tests for determining whether wetlands are 'waters of the United States' under the Clean Water Act."
  • Cash Market Moves

    The final laker arrived in Superior, Wisconsin, on Jan. 17, ending the 2021 shipping season at the Port of Duluth-Superior.
  • Senators: More Cash Cattle Trade Needed

    The American Farm Bureau Federation on Friday declared its support for S. 3229, the Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act, as long as senators drop the biggest element in the bill, which is the establishment of mandatory minimum negotiated cash sales for fed cattle.
  • Endangered Species and Pesticides

    A look into how EPA's new policy of enforcing the Endangered Species Act will affect ag pesticides moving forward.
  • Taxlink

    There can be substantial tax issues if an employee is misclassified, so it's important to review what is an employee versus an independent contractor.
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