Nicholas Brunet

Nicholas Brunet, (age 58), of Auburn, NH
Business Address: 58 Priscilla Lane, Auburn, NH 03032
Served by the Bedford Branch

Business Experience (past 5 years): Forester and managing member of Greatwoods LLC since 1996. Greatwoods LLC is a forest industry company that invests and manages over 13,500 acres of forestland in New England, operates four log resale yards, leases almost 150,000 maple sugar taps and has two wind turbines on its land. Previously, Greatwoods was a branch of Green Crow Corporation and Nick served as vice president, managing all New England operations, including timberland investment, forestry, log brokerage, cash flow management, accounting, permitting, IT and human resources.

Farm Credit/Community Involvement: Bedford Customer Service Council member and former alternate of the association’s nominating committee. Member of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association. Nicholas is also president of the Manchester Rowing Alliance, a non-profit organization providing public school children the opportunity to participate in crew.

Additional Business Interests/Affiliations: None

Family members who transact business with Farm Credit East: None

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