Financial Partner Magazine

  • Fall 2018

    There’s no question that there’s a lot going on in agriculture right now. Dairy prices have been low for a number of years. There is anxiety over changes from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). There are growing concerns over whether a farm bill will be passed, and longstanding issues regarding the availability of agricultural labor. To get more insight into the current state of some of these issues and their forecasted long-term impact, we recently interviewed four leading economists to give both local and national perspectives. Learn what they had to say.
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  • Summer 2018

    Established during a time of tremendous growth and industrialization in our nation, the land-grant system intended to educate a broader population in the agricultural and technical skills that directly impacted their daily lives. 150 years later, this founding principle holds true, but society has evolved significantly. Learn more about current initiatives of Northeast land-grant universities and how they're working to address producers’ challenges and prepare the industry for the future. Also in this issue, meet Farm Credit East's 2018 scholarship recipients.
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  • Spring 2018

    Every business has a life cycle. At some point the owner will need to relinquish control, and there are decisions that need to be made and plans that need to be put into place for that transition of control to happen successfully. Yet, this topic too often put off. There’s a cost to procrastination — a cost greater than just monetary, and it could put a business’s legacy at risk. What are some of the steps businesses can take to meet the challenges of generational transfer? Find out in this issue of Financial Partner magazine.

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  • Fall 2017

    Social media is no longer just a means to keep up with friends and family, but is increasingly an effective tool to spread messages, educate about a cause or an industry, or market a business, especially one with limited resources or budget for marketing. In this issue, learn more about the risk and opportunities of social media.

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