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  • Summer 2021

    The last decade has been the warmest on record, with 2020 being the second warmest year ever reported. This has brought climate change and environmental protection to the forefront - and agriculture plays a critical role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. In this issue’s cover story, learn more about the environmentally preferable practices Northeast operations are implementing as they work toward reducing their carbon footprint and conserving natural resources. Also in this issue, meet this year's 33 scholarship recipients aspiring to careers in agriculture, forest products, commercial fishing and related fields. 

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  • Summer 2019

    Over the past decade, the Northeast has seen a significant boom in the craft beverage industry – from wineries to cideries and breweries, and even distilleries producing spirits from farm-grown products. How are producers taking advantage of the “farm-to-bottle” movement and consumer interest in buying local? Find out in this issue’s cover story, which interviews industry experts and entrepreneurs in the various craft beverage sectors to learn more about the trends they’re seeing and how businesses are evolving to differentiate themselves in this growing market.
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  • Summer 2015

    Bridging Urban and Rural Communities
    Urban farmers’ markets provide consumers with access to fresh, local farm products

    In this issue, we spoke with two urban farmers’ market coordinators and two farmers participating in these markets to learn more about this growing direct-to-consumer outlet to sell farm fresh products.

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  • Spring 2014

    Steady as We Grow
    3 Consultants Discuss Long-Term Strategies

    In this issue, we asked three of our farm business consultants to let us pick their collective brains regarding trends they see emerging and what advice they are consistently providing their Farm Credit East customers for the current year.

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