Financial Partner Magazine

  • Summer 2018

    Established during a time of tremendous growth and industrialization in our nation, the land-grant system intended to educate a broader population in the agricultural and technical skills that directly impacted their daily lives. 150 years later, this founding principle holds true, but society has evolved significantly. Learn more about current initiatives of Northeast land-grant universities and how they're working to address producers’ challenges and prepare the industry for the future. Also in this issue, meet Farm Credit East's 2018 scholarship recipients.
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  • Summer 2017

    Bill Lipinski has been in the Farm Credit family for nearly 40 years, and has served as Chief Executive Officer for more than half of those years. But his passion for agriculture began long before his time with Farm Credit East. In this issue, Financial Partner’s editor Kristie Schmitt chats with Bill Lipinski on his experience, lessons learned, changes in agriculture and the Farm Credit System, and the importance of leadership.

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  • Fall 2016

    In this issue, we interview a few Northeast ag educators, including teachers, administrators and program leaders, about the importance of agricultural education in today’s schools to educate about the importance of food and fiber to both prepare students for careers in agriculture-related fields and to help them make informed choices throughout their lives.

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  • Spring 2015

    Telling our Stories
    Develop relationships. Then educate with facts.

    Four advocates for Northeast agriculture recently stopped by Farm Credit East’s coffee shop to share their stories on how they work with producers to educate today’s consumers about the truths of agriculture and why it’s so important for producers to tell their stories.

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