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Farm Credit Awards $47,800 to Support Farm and Forest Products Programs

Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement Program recently awarded $47,800 to 14 organizations to promote northeast agriculture, support young and beginning farmer initiatives and fund agricultural youth programs.

The program is a joint effort of Farm Credit East, Yankee Farm Credit and CoBank. Since its inception in 1996, Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement has awarded more than $1.9 million through 691 grants.

Recent grant recipients

The most recent grants highlight Farm Credit’s ongoing partnership with organizations that make a significant difference in the lives of people involved in all aspects of agriculture.

  • An $8,000 grant to the New York Animal Agriculture Coalition supports its Dairy Cow Birthing Center, an exhibit at the New York State Fair to enhance public understanding and appreciation for animal agriculture and modern farm practices.
  • The University of Massachusetts was awarded a $7,000 grant to support the 2017 Winter Traveling Dairy Tour to foster New England Land Grant university students’ interest in the dairy industry through exposure to an array of dairy management practices.
  • A $6,000 grant to the North America Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge will be used for the Northeast Dairy Challenge Program to prepare college students to become ag leaders of tomorrow.
  • Cornell Junior Dairy Leaders received a $5,000 grant to support its year-long program for high school students to learn about careers in the dairy/ag industry while building personal, professional and leadership skills.
  • A $4,300 grant to the New York State Ag Society will be put towards its Century Farm Awards Program to recognize farm achievement and build interest in agriculture.
  • New England Green Pastures' $4,000 grant supports the Outstanding Dairy Farm of the Year recognition program held at the Big E.
  • A $3,000 grant to Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance and the New York Animal Agriculture Coalition will be used to produce a series of short videos that promote animal care and water quality.
  • The Holstein Foundation received a $2,500 grant to support the Young Dairy Leaders Institute, a leadership program for young adults involved in the dairy industry.
  • The Cornell Dyson School received a $2,500 grant for its Agribusiness Fellows Program, which provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to research international ag economics.
  • A $1,500 grant to NOFA-VT will be used to develop a workshop series to help farmers and food businesses improve human resource skills, including labor management and payroll.
  • The Tompkins County Area Development Foundation received a $1,500 grant to support a one-day forum to explore rural wealth creation through food system development in the Finger Lakes region.
  • A $1,000 grant to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Northern New York will support its Internship & Management Program to enhance connections between ag businesses in Northern New York and students attending Northeast ag universities.
  • A $1,000 grant to the New York Pork Producers supports the Swine Youth Leadership Scholarship Contest to recognize tomorrow's leaders.
  • University of Connecticut will use its $500 grant to support dairy nutrition events and educators teaching school children about dairy nutrition.

Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement Program

  • Created: 1996
  • Total grant dollars since 1996: $1,898,863
  • Total projects supported: 691
  • Proposal submission dates: April 1, August 1, December 1
  • Contact: Robert A. Smith, Farm Credit East, 240 South Road, Enfield, Conn. 06082
  • Phone: 860.741.4380
  • Send funding proposals to:
  • For more information, visit our AgEnhancement page.


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Contact: Kristie Schmitt
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