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Farm Credit East Provides $15,000 to Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

Farm Credit East senior loan officer Rob Horne delivers
the $15,000 donation to Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries'
representatives: Robin Alden, outgoing Executive Director;
Mike Thalhauser, Fisheries Science and Leadership Advisor;
and Paul Molyneaux, Fisheries Education Specialist.

Farm Credit East was pleased to provide $15,000 to the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries (MCCF) to support the Eastern Maine Skippers Program, which aims to create active future fishermen and community members by working within schools and fishing communities to meet students where they are, and in a way that is relevant to their unique life experiences. Farm Credit East’s contribution will support various venues and the necessary supplies for the 2017-2018 school year.

“We are truly appreciative of Farm Credit East’s support,” said Robin Alden, Maine Center for Costal Fisheries’ outgoing Executive Director. “Young folks in Maine’s fishing communities have constant exposure to boats, traps and other signs of this traditional way of life. This high school curriculum aims to educate the next generation about this important way of life in a setting that is relevant to their unique life experience.”

“A key focus at Farm Credit East is on educating and developing the next generation of producers and fishermen,” said Frederick Morton, Farm Credit East executive vice president. “Programs such as the Eastern Maine Skippers Program are an important piece to educate the next generation, whether they become fishermen or consumers, on the significant role of the commercial fishing industry to Maine’s coastal communities.”

Eastern Maine Skippers Program (EMSP) is a collaboration between MCCF and the Rural Aspirations Project and is being implemented in eight high schools that serve fishing communities across 200 miles of Eastern Maine. The program’s focus is on providing students with the core knowledge and skills needed to participate in a co-managed fisheries, working with scientists and regulators to sustain the fisheries they depend upon as well as to run successful and adaptable businesses.


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