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Upcoming Seminars

  • Herd Health and Nutrition Conference

    Join PRO-DAIRY on April 7 from 10am - 3pm for this virtual event. While there won’t be an in-person meeting, this virtual meeting will share education related to current herd health and nutrition management techniques with our dairy industry and partners.

    Location: Webinar

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  • Mass Aggie Seminars 2020

    Register online for any of the Mass Aggie seminars. 2020 highlights include home orchard pruning, pruning blueberries, pruning grapes, pest management workshops, pollinator and pest management, and more. Some workshops have limited space so registering online is more likely to ensure enrollment.

    Location: Various Locations

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  • Cornell School IPM 2020: Where We've Been and What's Next

    Although school Integrated Pest Management (IPM) promotion has been occurring in New York State for decades, it is often unclear how wide IPM adoption is by the state’s schools. The NYS IPM Program will hold a conference assessing the status of school IPM adoption and planning where we need to go in the future. Key organizations and people representing the many stakeholders impacted by pest management on school property are being invited to participate.

    Location: New York State United Teachers Headquarters, Latham, N.Y.

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  • PRO-DAIRY Management Trainings and Webinars

    Below are a list of upcoming PRO-DAIRY Webinars: 

    COVID-19 and Your Dairy Webinar
    March 20, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. EST
    Presenters: Richard Stup, PhD, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development and Rob Lynch, DVM, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY
    This webinar will cover steps that dairy managers should consider to protect their workforce, their business, and their markets. Topics include (1) why prevention of the coronavirus/COVID-19 is important, (2) steps that employers should take to protect employees, (3) animal health considerations, (4) business continuity considerations, (5) available resources (6) business resources for employers and (7) take care of yourself.

    Milk Quality Part I - Culturing and Types of Mastitis
    March 25, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. EST
    Presenter: Dr. Paula Ospina
    Although mastitis results in changes in milk quality, it is not always caused by the same bugs. This webinar will focus on how you identify different bacteria focusing on the major differences between environmental and contagious causes of mastitis.

    2020 Corn Silage Strategies -New York and Vermont Corn Silage Hybrid Evaluations
    March 31, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EST
    Presenter: Joe Lawrence, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY
    The impact of weather on the 2020 growing season is yet to be determined; however, there are opportunities to utilize existing information and knowledge gained from recent research projects to implement strategies that will improve the chances of a successful outcome regardless of the what the season brings. The corn silage hybrid evaluation program evaluates over 70 hybrids from over a dozen companies each year and with this number of hybrids evaluated at multiple locations across New York and Vermont the resulting information provides a useful decision making tool for both hybrid selection and overall management strategies.

    Milk Quality Part II - Treatment Decisions Based on Mastitis Type
    April 29, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. EST
    Presenter: Dr. Paula Ospina
    Although mastitis results in changes in milk quality, it is not always caused by the same bugs. Treatment and management decisions should reflect these differences. This webinar will focus on the differences in treatment and management practices based on mastitis type (environmental vs. contagious).

    Location: Online Webinars

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  • SEMAP Twilight Grower Series

    Register online for any of the Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership (SEMAP) workshops. Workshops include agricultural fencing, introduction to welding, cover cropping, soil health and more. Workshops will take place throughout April and May 2020.

    Locations: Various Locations

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  • New Jersey State Fair

    The New Jersey State Fair will be held Aug. 1-8, 2020. Visit the fair for family fun, entertainment, food, farm animals, carnival rides and more!

    Location: The Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, N.J.

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  • New York State Fair

    The New York State Fair will be held Aug. 21 - Sept. 7, 2020. Over 1 million people visit the New York State Fair each year for its entertainment, food and agricultural exhibits. 

    Location: New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, N.Y. 

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  • Eastern States Exposition

    Eastern States Exposition, home of The Big E, has presented the finest livestock, the most innovative commercial, industrial and artistic developments, and the highest caliber of varied entertainment to the people of the Northeastern United States for more than a century. More than one million people now attend the 17 day Big E, an annual autumn extravaganza of entertainment, exhibits and agriculture. The Big E will be held Sept. 18 - Oct. 4, 2020.

    Location: West Springfield, Mass. 

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  • International Workshop on Agritourism

    Vermont will host the first International Workshop on Agritourism. The conference is slated for Oct. 27-29, 2020 and between 250 and 350 researchers, academics, agricultural producers and agritourism and tourism industry professionals from around the world are expected to attend. The three-day program, co-sponsored by University of Vermont Extension and Eurac Research, will feature presentations and hands-on workshops by U.S. and international speakers; a poster session; a farm-to-table dinner; and field trips to farms, vineyards and other agritourism sites. Pre- and post-conference educational tours will showcase outstanding agritourism destinations in Vermont, neighboring states, Ontario and Quebec.

    Location: Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain Hotel, downtown Burlington

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