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Project Manager

Requisition Number: PROJMNGR/6300/01/2021/1
City: Enfield
State: CT
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Description/Job Summary

Join a team focused on the success of our customers, the success of our communities, and the success of each other. Farm Credit East is the leading provider of loans and financial accounting services to farmers, foresters, fishermen, and agricultural business owners across the northeast with over $8 billion in loan volume and over $28 million in financial accounting service revenue generated annually. When you pursue a career with Farm Credit East, you have the opportunity to positively impact the families and businesses that drive the Northeast economy.

This is a key position within the Association with responsibility to deliver innovative solutions in the continuous support of Farm Credit East's technology and business application functions. This individual will be responsible in managing the successful delivery of business applications and technology products in a fast-paced environment across the association. They will effectively and efficiently communicate with all team members in order to ensure technology products are maintained and utilized to the full extent for all staff. The successful candidate will possess positive communication with exceptional organizational qualities, while maintaining an adaptable and proactive mindset in order to contribute positively to the overall morale and success of the team and the association.           


The individual will be responsible for:

  1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: This position is accountable for the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Farm Credit East's technology and business application functions. Main responsibilities will include, but not are not limited to:
    • Creation and integration of multiple work streams of a project into a structured, cohesive project plan.
    • Draft project charters (Vision, Resources, Timing, Importance, etc.)
    • Successful creation of a project schedule while following, updating and managing said schedule with program documentation and deliverables.
    • Provide, monitor and update project methodology/tools while managing the development of core business systems through the agreed upon methodology.
    • Implement customer interactions that meet or exceed expectations.
    • Participation in internal discussions with product or program subject matter experts, and Farm Credit East's technology provider, Farm Credit Financial Partners Inc. (FPI), to identify and develop business requirements contributing to project scope definition and success criteria
    • Management of cross functional project teams, this will include working interactively with FPI project managers, where appropriate and needed, to ensure expectations are being met
    • Management of day to day project execution, project costs, project scope and project reporting
    • Identify issues that have an impact on both the project and the business; resolve these issues while working across project teams and business departments
    • Manage multiple assigned projects simultaneously. Assigned projects will vary in size, scope and functional area impact, resulting in the need to manage multiple initiatives in varying phases at any point in time
    • Organize and lead check-point meetings providing regular project status updates
    • Provide ongoing reports of project status to Program Manager and relevant Product Owners.                                          
  2. LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK: As a member of the administrative team, the incumbent will promote primary organizational goals and objectives. In addition, reflect and demonstrate a unified team approach, while remaining focused on operational effectiveness and efficiency within the organization.   Be adaptive to ongoing changes within the organization and identify and implement needed changes in assigned functional responsibilities. Display a positive attitude toward the job and contribute positively to the overall morale of the team and Farm Credit East. Deliver feedback in a constructive and positive manner.  Effectively communicate through adapting style/tone and content to meet the needs of the team.  Assist other team/branch members when asked and offer help when time permits. Contribute to the training and development of less experienced staff.
  3. MARKETING AND MEMBER RELATIONS: Promote the growth of all products and services offered by the ACA. Demonstrate a strong commitment to the ag and local communities by expanding professional presence within our service area and contributing to the overall positive image of the ACA. Act in a forthright and ethical manner, display a positive attitude and contribute positively to the overall morale of the team and association. Assist other team members and contribute to training.

Required Experience

  • Position requires a B.S. in Business, Finance, Data Science or related field.
  • Requires a minimum of 3 years of product management experience with a preference in SalesForce and nCino.
  • The individual will also have proven experience successfully handling team management, effectively leading a team, goal setting/attainment, and customer relationship management. Position requires an ability to train and motivate staff to reach required business results. 
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills as well as strategic thinking and planning, problem-solving and team-leadership is required. Excellent organizational skills is a must.