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January 1, 2022

Dear Farm Credit East Customer:

Happy New Year! I am excited to announce we have officially merged with Yankee Farm Credit effective the first of the year. Read the press release announcing the merged association. This is an exciting milestone for Farm Credit in the Northeast and I look forward to this next chapter for Farm Credit East. 

2021 was certainly a busy year for your cooperative as we implemented many initiatives focused on better serving you and your business. We are growing the association and expanding our skill set, resources and capacity to serve members, while offering avenues for continual customer feedback and association improvement. That momentum continues into 2022. 

One area of continued focus will be on our customer feedback strategy launched last fall. As a cooperative committed to serving our members, we obtain feedback in many ways, including through customer meetings and on-site visits, local customer service councils, and the customer-elected board of directors to name a few — and we value that feedback. To more effectively capture feedback on our service in real time, we launched an ongoing customer survey strategy in October 2021. If you receive a feedback request email from us following a loan closing or other transaction, we hope that you’ll respond with honest feedback so that we can continually improve our processes to best serve your business needs.

Additionally, we will continue to advance our digital journey in 2022. Last year, we launched an improved online banking platform, allowing you more access to manage your loans and the option to receive billing statements electronically.

We are also implementing tools and processes on our end to provide our team more time to spend with you discussing your business needs and goals. We plan to roll out additional tools over the next several years to further enhance your experience doing business with us. Customer relationships remain the driver of our digital strategy and these various tools aim to enhance those relationships.

Our other core focus during the first few months of the year will be bringing the Yankee Farm Credit and Farm Credit East teams together. While our team worked diligently to develop our transition plan in 2021, we still have some work to do as we officially merge the teams. However, I ensure you this won’t impact your day-to-day interactions with our team. Your branch office and relationship team remain the same. Over time we look forward to extending to our members the benefits of increased loan diversity, a stronger capital base and enhanced earnings that will result from the merger.

In closing, thank you for allowing us to be your trusted financial partner and we wish you a prosperous year ahead.

Stay well,

Michael J Reynolds
Chief Executive Officer
Farm Credit East, ACA

  • Mike Reynolds
    Farm Credit East, ACA