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Who We Are

Farm Credit East is dedicated to serving the agricultural credit and financial needs of those in the business of agriculture, including farmers, nursery and greenhouse operators, forest products producers, fishermen, lobstermen, part-time growers, agribusiness owners and country home owners.

We are a part of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide agricultural network providing credit and affiliated services to those in agriculture and related industries across the United States. Since 1916 the Farm Credit System has supplied the nation's agricultural industry with nearly one-third of its credit needs.

For more information on the Farm Credit System and other Farm Credit Associations visit farmcredit.com.

How we operate: Farm Credit East is a cooperative. We are owned by more than 16,000 customers in our seven-state territory and governed by a board of directors. In addition to customer-elected directors, the board includes appointed directors who bring additional skills and capabilities to the boardroom. Learn more about the diverse customers we serve.

Where we get funds: Unlike commercial banks, Farm Credit institutions do not take deposits. Instead, money is raised by selling system-wide bonds on Wall Street. The proceeds are then channeled through Farm Credit banks and Associations to agricultural producers and cooperatives. Because of the market acceptance and attractiveness of Farm Credit securities and the volume of funds raised, Farm Credit East is able to offer competitive interest rates and unlimited amounts of capital to the agricultural sector.

Where we are located: Farm Credit East has 25 branch offices within Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Vermont. To learn more about Farm Credit East's service to each of our states, click here to view our business profiles.

Our corporate headquarters is located at 240 South Road, Enfield, CT 06082.

Learn more about our cooperative structure and its benefits – including Patronage Dividends – plus the many advantages we offer at Farm Credit East.

  • Patronage Dividends

    As owners of their financial cooperative, Farm Credit East customers have the opportunity to share in the financial success of the cooperative through patronage dividends. For the full year 2020, customer-owners received $89 million in patronage dividends. This is equivalent to 1.25% of average eligible loan volume, which is an increase from 1.00% the last several years.

  • Is Farm Credit East government financed?

    No. We are privately funded through the sale of bonds. As one of 90 U.S. financial institutions within the Farm Credit System, Farm Credit East falls under the regulatory oversight of the Farm Credit Administration.

  • Is Farm Credit East a commercial bank or a credit union?

    Unlike commercial banks and other lenders, Farm Credit East is not a depository institution. We are owned by our member-customers. This cooperative structure is your best assurance that competitively-priced credit will always be available to farmers, fishermen and other agricultural businesses.

  • What is a cooperative?

    Cooperatives are structured so that customers are stockholders and entitled to share in the earnings of the organization. Patronage dividends are a major advantage when you borrow from Farm Credit East. Being a cooperative also means that we are led by a member-elected Board of Directors.

  • Where does the money come from?

    Funds used in lending operations of the Farm Credit System are obtained chiefly from the sale of bonds to the public. Farm Credit East brings billions of dollars from investors to farm families and cooperatives that need credit.

  • Do you have to be a member to utilize Farm Credit East’s services?

    It depends on the services that you wish to use. For credit services, you must buy stock and therefore become a member. We provide financial services for anyone involved in an agricultural business, including owners, managers, employees and part-time farmers as well as agricultural processing and marketing businesses. Agricultural cooperatives borrow from Farm Credit through our affiliated lending institution, CoBank.

  • What does Farm Credit East do for young and beginning farmers?

    We have a number of programs to help support talented, hardworking individuals enter agriculture. Helping young people get started in farming is one of our long-term commitments to Northeast agriculture. Programs include our young and beginning farmer incentives, FarmStart and GenerationNext.

View From The Field
“Farm Credit East is a true partner.”

The mission: Immediate expansion

The Crists came to Farm Credit East to expand their business after increasing the volume of their apple production and missing key sales dates due to breakdowns and other holdups. The family’s solution was to replace their out-of-date packinghouse with a state-of-the art facility that would make them more competitive and efficient. Knowing that swings in agricultural markets would make financing hard to obtain from a commercial lender, they turned to Farm Credit East.

How we helped

Farm Credit East was instrumental in funding an expansion that better prepared them to profit from key agricultural cycles. Their Farm Credit East loan officer’s understanding of the Crists’ business and industry needs helped shepherd the loan through to meet their specific needs.

Farm Credit East is a true partner and ahead of the curve as a lender. Their representatives are facilitators, not road blockers. Credit availability tied to competitive interest rates, crop insurance and regular patronage refunds have positively impacted our business. We could not have carried out many of our projects with any other lender.
-Jeff Crist
Crist Bros. Orchards
Walden, NY