March 16, 2021

Ag Economy

Spring 2021

Lessons from the Pandemic: Northeast Food and Fiber Systems’ Resilience 

The disruptions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic created a dramatic shift in our food system, causing food distributors, processors and retailers to divert massive portions of food originally intended for foodservice into retail distribution channels. This shift in food consumption impacted agriculture and processing along the food chain in different ways, and regardless of the impact, the food and fiber systems creatively adjusted to meet a redefined demand. In this issue’s cover story, we look at how Northeast agriculture, commercial fishing and forest products markets reacted to the pandemic, lessons learned along the way, what still needs to change, and how our supply chain may be impacted.

Additional Content

  • In the CEO’s Message, Mike Reynolds salutes the resilience of the Northeast food and fiber system throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Learn more about Farm Credit East’s patronage program, an important aspect of customer ownership. 
  • In the Washington Update, Tom Cosgrove provides an update on the 117th Congress, including changes in the Northeast delegation and key issues impacting Northeast agriculture. 
  • Congratulations to the Farm Credit East employees who celebrated career milestones in 2020. 
  • Meet the four qualified candidates seeking election to the three open seats on the Farm Credit East Board of Directors in 2021. 
  • Submit your photos to be featured in Farm Credit East’s 2022 Agricultural Views calendar.

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