March 26, 2024

Farm Credit

Be aware of deceptive mortgage junk mail


Farm Credit East is reminding customers to be aware of official-looking mailings from companies posing as Farm Credit East. These mailings often make reference to a Farm Credit East mortgage and state that they have important and urgent business requiring an immediate response from you. These mailings are not from Farm Credit East.

Many land records are public information and that means any party may be able to search details about the mortgage lender, the borrower, the amount of the mortgage, and the property address through the public records. These companies (which may be legitimate or fraudulent) then use that information to send out these mailings.

It is important that you never send money or share personal information when you receive unsolicited mail. If you receive any communication that purports to be from Farm Credit East or references your account with Farm Credit East and you are unsure if it is legitimate, never hesitate to contact Farm Credit East directly to verify any request for information.

Things to watch for in determining whether the mailing is a scam and not from Farm Credit East: 

  • There may be a mortgage ID number on the notice. This is not your Farm Credit East loan number.  
  • There may be a phone number for you to call. The phone number is not a Farm Credit East phone number. (All Farm Credit East office phone numbers can be found here.)
  • There may be very small print at the bottom disclosing the sender and that they are not affiliated with or sponsored by any bank or lending institution and that the mortgage information was obtained through public records. 
For additional information on the measures Farm Credit East has in place to protect customer information, please review Our Commitment to Information Security.