Customer Assistance Program

As a customer-owned cooperative, Farm Credit East is committed to providing the services and resources that our members need. That is why we are now offering a customer assistance program at no cost to you.

Access to the Services

Farm Credit East customers and family members may access the assistance/counseling services of ESI Group by calling 800-252-4555 or visiting . All you need to indicate to use this complimentary service is that you are a Farm Credit East customer.

Customer Assistance Program Services

Farm Credit East is committed to the wellness of our customers, and wellness can come in many forms – from personal health to family and relationships, working through financial and legal obligations, or work/career growth and development. Click here to view the many life situations for which ESI can provide assistance.

Farm Credit East has contracted with ESI to provide these services and resources free of charge for our customers. ESI offers 24/7 counseling services and one-on-one coaching; thousands of resources from online videos to training and personal assistance; human resource assistance, including training resources; tools for tough times; and much more. They offer this broad range of services to assist with many life events and challenges.

Using the Online Tools

This customer offering is the first of its kind for ESI, as they specialize in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), so if you participate online, you will see many references to "Employee Assistance." Click here  for instructions on how to set up online access.

This program is completely voluntary. Farm Credit East does not provide any customer information, nor are we notified of customer participation. Any inquiries, discussions, recommendations or actions are strictly between the customer and ESI.

Farm Credit Rural Resilience

Agriculture, forest products and commercial fishing come with unique challenges, including fluctuating commodity prices, trade disruptions and extreme weather events. The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic disruptions have only compounded the situation. To help producers deal with these increasing stressors, Farm Credit, American Farm Bureau Federation and National Farmers Union have joined together with Michigan State University Extension and University of Illinois Extension to create Rural Resilience, a free, private, online training course to help farmers, as well as their families and neighbors cope with stress.

The curriculum teaches participants to understand the sources of stress, manage their own stress, learn the warning signs of stress and suicide, identify effective communication strategies, and connect producers with appropriate mental health and other resources. The course is free and accessible to the public. Click here to access this free training .

Additional Resources

If you are facing challenging times and need support, visit National Farmers Union’s Farm Crisis Center or American Farm Bureau Federation’s Farm State of Mind for hotlines, mediation resources, disaster assistance and more.