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FFA Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

How often will scholarships are awarded?

Scholarships will be awarded twice per year. Four will be awarded for the submission period ending June 30, and four will be awarded for the submission period ending December 31.

When are applications due?

Applications are due June 30 and December 31. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Any High school FFA member in good standing with their chapter with a current SAE in the Entrepreneurship, Placement, Exploratory or Research categories. 

How often can an eligible member apply?

Once per submission period. Applicants can reapply one full cycle after receiving the scholarship (e.g. An applicant who receives a scholarship for the cycle ending December 31 must wait until the cycle starting July 1 to reapply. They must skip 1 cycle.) Applicants who reapply after receiving a scholarship will be expected to show growth. 

What criteria are applications scored on?

See the scoring rubric available here.

What can the scholarship funds be used for?

Scholarship funds can be used to improve an existing SAE, fund a new SAE, or be put towards higher education (Including both College and Career and Technical Education

Where should paper applications be sent?

Kyle Bell, 240 South Road, Enfield CT, 06082