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Grants for Northeast Agriculture: The Ins and Outs of Finding and Applying for Grants, Incentives and Cost-Shares

Nathan Rudgers, Director of Business Development for Farm Credit East, and Janet McAllister, Regional Professional Development Coordinator for Northeast SARE, discussed grants, incentives and cost-shares for Northeast agriculture. This free webinar was held on December 04 and addressed grant availability and offerings, how you should (or shouldn’t) apply, and when to do it yourself vs. engaging a professional. Janet discussed Northeast SARE offerings and opportunities, and included some grant project examples.

For a PDF of Nate Rudgers presentation, click here.
Click here for the report, Grants and Incentives for Northeast Agriculture.
Visit our Grant Opportunities page for more grant detail.

For a PDF of Janet McAllister's presentation, click here.
For videos of SARE grant examples, visit the SARE Youtube site.

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