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Is a Methane Digester Right for your Dairy Farm?

Are you Interested in adding a methane digester to your dairy operation? 

View the below recording for a webinar on renewable natural gas methane digesters for dairy farms. Paul Sousa from Western United Dairies presented an overview of digester economics, policy considerations, incentives and operational factors. Paul also discussed climate policies and legislation and how dairy methane gas fits in. Whether you are considering partnering with a renewable energy developer, operating a facility yourself, leasing space for a digester, or just want to learn more about this opportunity, watch the recording below.

Key topics covered will include:

  • Funding and incentives for digesters and renewable natural gas
  • Eligibility for credits
  • Policy and regulatory considerations
  • Economics, costs and revenues
  • How will a digester affect your dairy operation?

Following the main presentation, there was a panel discussion including Mr. Sousa, as well as credit and consulting staff from Farm Credit East and CoBank.

Click below to view the recording.