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Ag Economy


  • USDA average prices for choice steers came in at $108.51/cwt. for 2020. 2021 average prices are forecast at $116.00/cwt., just below 2019’s average of $116.78. Broilers show a similar story at $0.732/lb. in 2020, and $0.845 for 2021, just below 2019’s average of $0.886. Eggs are forecast at. $1.11/doz for 2021, just below 2020’s average of $1.12.
  • U.S. demand for meats has been steady through the pandemic. Beef, pork, and chicken futures have risen recently on continued strong demand and limited supply growth.
  • Prices for locally produced meats continue to significantly outpace national commodity prices, and demand remains very strong, continuing the surge seen in 2020.