Knowledge Exchange



  • USDA average prices for choice steers came in at $122.40/cwt. for 2021, an increase of $13.89 over 2020. 2022 average prices are forecast at $139.50/cwt.
  • Broiler prices are forecast to rise significantly at $1.012/lb. in 2021, and $1.480 for 2022. Eggs are forecast at $1.570/doz for 2022, an increase of $0.385 over 2021’s average price of $1.185.1
  • Prices for locally produced meats continue to outpace national commodity prices, but some reports suggest that consumer demand has softened as the impact of COVID-19 has faded.
  • Slaughter facilities in the region continue to struggle to meet demand. Producers without standing appointments may need to wait a month or more for bookings.
  • Equine boarding and lesson facilities have generally returned to their pre-COVID business volume. Hay and bedding expenses have increased considerably.
  • Demand and pricing for racing breeding stock is at an all-time high. Racing purses and attendance have continued to be strong since emerging from COVID-19.

1  USDA WASDE, December 2021