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  • In the New York processing market, vegetable acres appear to remain stable for the coming year. Yields were generally good this year across N.Y.
  • In New England, a wet summer into fall across much of the region has affected yields and growers’ ability to get into fields. This may result in decreased sales for those affected.
  • New Jersey results were mixed. Prices were generally good but may not make up for lower yields. However, the weather was difficult for many growers, with a very dry start to the summer, followed by surplus moisture for the remainder of the season. This affected yields for some producers.
  • Wholesale buyers and consumers continue to seek out local products. “Buy local” has become a significant trend, yet this doesn’t necessarily translate into a willingness to pay higher prices.
  • The availability of seasonal farm labor continues to be an issue for many vegetable growers.




  • The 2018 Maine potato harvest is progressing on schedule and is approximately 90-95 percent complete. Overall yields are considered average, with good crop quality.
  • Market conditions are presently very favorable for all sectors of the potato industry. In general, potato supplies will be in a tight balance with demand. Total potato yield in the U.S. is projected to be the same as last year, with demand having increased. Additionally, potato production in Canada is likely to fall short of last year’s production. This should lead to a strong open market for potatoes throughout the marketing season.

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