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Greenhouse, Nursery and Sod

  • 2022 is shaping up to be a good year for the green industry, albeit with a few concerns. Wholesale product movement and pricing have been strong, but supply, labor and cost challenges are significant.
  • Most growers have been able to raise their prices and stick to them, but rising costs are limiting the increase in profit margins.
  • Increases in freight costs and tight availability of long-haul trucks and drivers gives Northeast growers an advantage over West coast competitors, although Northeast growers themselves are challenged with the availability of CDL drivers for regional deliveries.
  • Some growers report shortages of inputs, such as pots, growing media, and greenhouse equipment, but most have been able to get the products they need with some extra effort (and cost).
  • As with other agricultural sectors, the availability and cost of labor continues to be a challenge for all skill and experience levels.