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Ag Economy

Greenhouse and Nursery

  • The green industry overall posted a solid 2019 season, with good spring sales that carried over into summer.
  • Reports are that autumn sales were good, but not outstanding, due to a bit of a slow start.
  • Wholesale greenhouse operations are seeing year on year revenue growth and profitability should be solid across the industry for 2019.
  • Wholesale nurseries are having another strong year in terms of revenue growth and profitability.
  • Sod inventory is low and strong demand continues which has supported pricing.
  • Garden center retailers continue to post mixed results due to tough competition from chain stores, and the aging of their primary customer demographic.
  • As with other agricultural sectors, labor supply and cost continues to be a major issue.
  • Interest in new technologies in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), primarily for vegetable production, such as roof top structures, vertical greenhouses, etc. continues to develop, particularly in metropolitan areas which has attracted some venture capital type funding. However, questions remain about the profit potential of many of the more high-tech operations.