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2018 was generally a good year for greenhouse and nursery growers, tracking along with the general economy and increased consumer spending. Revenues are slightly up over last year, but many growers had hoped for an even greater increase than what was realized. Meanwhile, costs are increasing which is causing margin pressure.

  • Wholesale nursery growers reported a good 2018 season. Landscapers have been very busy.
  • There are shortages of some plant materials, particularly larger-sized trees, however this situation will largely resolve itself over the next couple of seasons as new plantings come up to size.
  • As with other agricultural sectors, labor supply continues to be a major issue.
  • Interest in new technologies such as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), primarily for vegetable production, continues to develop. These developments, mainly in metropolitan areas, have attracted some venture capital type funding. However, questions remain about the profit potential of many of the more high-tech operations. Click here for more information on CEA.

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