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Leasing for agriculture, forest products and commercial fishing

Many producers find leasing to be a great financing option for saving costs, improving cash flow, reducing taxes and gaining added control over your balance sheet.

At Farm Credit East, you can lease almost anything you need for your agricultural, forest products or commercial fishing business, including passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural tools and equipment, production equipment and facilities. You can work with any manufacturer you choose, negotiate the best price and we will step in with the financing support.

Leasing products

Farm Credit East leasing products are available with a wide variety of terms and structures, which can be customized to fit your individual needs. Our team of experts understands your business and will help you find the structure that meets your objectives.

Leasing is also conveniently available through ag equipment dealers offering AgDirect®.

  • Convenient terms help conserve cash

    Low or no down payment, up to 100-percent financing. As a tax management tool, leasing can improve your cash flow and conserve your working capital.

  • Lower payments, which in most cases, are tax deductible.

    The tax deductions available when you lease can save you money and improve your bottom line. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

  • Tailor terms to your individual needs.

    Flexible lease structures, payment schedules, end-of-lease options and maturity dates let you tailor the lease to your needs.

Our flexible terms are based on the expected use and life of the equipment you’re leasing, usually between 36 and 60 months. For large projects such as plant equipment, we can develop lease terms that accommodate your installation schedule. Interim financing may also be available to complement your lease. You can also choose your payment schedule, which is one of the benefits of leasing through Farm Credit East.

Contact Farm Credit East to learn more about the advantages of leasing.

  • Tax Planning

    Keep money in your pocket with the help of Farm Credit East’s tax planning services. Our experts know the tax laws that affect your business and can analyze your year-to-date activities while offering you cost saving advice.

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  • Who is eligible to borrow from Farm Credit East?
    We lend to farmers, fishermen, forest products and farm services businesses. Business owners, managers, employees and part-time farms are also eligible borrowers, as are basic agricultural processing and marketing businesses. Farmers’ cooperatives can borrow from Farm Credit through CoBank. We also finance part-time farmers and rural residence owners through our Country Living program. In addition our FarmStart program helps beginning farmers get started in agriculture.
  • What are the terms?
    • Short-term loans have terms of 1-to-10 years available to fund operating expenses or capital assets, with fixed- and variable-rate options, flexible repayment terms matched to cash flow, and letters of credit.
    • Long-term loans have terms of 10-to-30 years, fixed- and variable-rate options, and flexible repayment terms matched to your cash flow.
  • What does it mean for the Farm Service Agency to guarantee the loan?
    The Farm Service Agency (FSA) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture may guarantee loans through Farm Credit East to help family farmers who might not otherwise qualify for credit for farm ownership, improvement and operating purposes. Farm Credit East is committed to helping people enter agriculture, and will help you prepare and submit an application if your financial picture is not all that it could be. You must meet Farm Service Agency conditions to be approved for a loan guarantee.
  • What are your rates?
    Farm Credit East offers competitive rates. And, as an owner of the cooperative, you are eligible to participate in our patronage dividend program. For specific rates, check with your branch office.
  • What is my loan term?
    It depends on your situation. Some members have a revolving line of credit, which basically means they have a loan with us with no specified expiration. You and your loan officer will agree to your loan terms.
  • How often are my payments due?
    We understand that your cash flow may vary. This is why we offer flexible payment schedules to fit the needs of your business.
  • Does Farm Credit East finance young and beginning farmers?
    Helping young people get started in farming is one of our long-term commitments to Northeast agriculture. Farm Credit East provides special programs for young and beginning farmers, including, but not limited to, our FarmStart program. Each situation is different. We work with individuals to find the best program for their needs.