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LOVES Tax Preparation

Not too many people smile when you mention April 15, but for Farm Credit East tax experts, it’s one of their favorite times of year. Farm Credit East's tax experts not only enjoy helping our clients prepare their yearly returns for filing, but working with them to make year-round decisions to ensure they pay no more than they should.

Sure, our tax specialists love of tax prep may seem a little unusual, but when it comes to making sure that our clients have their taxes filed properly and on time, while remaining strategic and compliant, we wouldn’t have it any other way — because WE ARE YOU.

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If you'd like to be contacted by a Farm Credit East tax specialist who can provide more information on Farm Credit East's tax services, click here. First-time customers will receive a free review of your prior year’s tax return.

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  • Lindsay LOVES

    horseback riding, camping, the outdoors, gardening and

    tax preparation.

  • Joe LOVES

    playing guitar, vinyl over CDs, the smell of freshly cut hay and

    tax preparation.

  • Carolyn LOVES

    hiking, hound dogs, sunsets on the farm and

    tax preparation.

  • Financial Record-Keeping

    Your financial condition and profitability depends on solid records, timely reports and sound advice. Farm Credit East's accounting professionals are trained in ag-related rules and regulations to help you maintain comprehensive financial records and maximize profitability.
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