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Agricultural Retail Benchmarks Program

The Farm Credit East Agricultural Retail Benchmarks (ARB) program is targeted to those who own or manage operations that interface directly with consumers. The program offers the opportunity to see how you stack up against operations of similar size, focus, seasonality and geographic proximity.

Here's what the program includes:

Data Collection. Your Farm Credit East consultant will work with you to compile data that profiles your business in a variety of ways – from income to production efficiency to employee compensation and benefits.

Data analysis. Data from other retail operations in the program help illustrate how your business compares within the industry. Your data stays confidential; only you and your consultant know your results. And the report is only prepared for members of the benchmark and no one else.

Annual member meetings. Annual member meetings are held in early summer. Here you’ll hear presentations on targeted management topics and get answers to your questions. You can also network with other ARB members, share ideas and attend open-discussion workshops discussing marketing programs or employee needs.

Agricultural Retail Benchmarks Report. A customized, in-depth report gives you a snapshot of your business with multiple comparisons to similar operations, including profitability, inventory management, input costs, labor costs and more.

Follow-up meeting. Following the member meetings, your Farm Credit East consultant will meet with you to discuss anything from strategic planning to staff training to developing an organizational plan and job descriptions. They can also assist with capital budgeting, transition planning and much more.

Program extras. Networking opportunities; small group meetings on special interests; special studies; and access to members-only online community.

Contact Erin Pirro, ARB director, at 800.562.2235 or by email with any questions or to become a member of the Agricultural Retail Benchmarks!





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