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Green Industry Benchmarks Program

Farm Credit East Green Industry Benchmarks offers owners and managers of greenhouse and nursery operations a powerful tool to evaluate ongoing performance, manage more efficiently, and most importantly: increase profits.

Benchmarking helps provide the focus you need to prepare and manage with a plan, achieve the goals you’ve set for your operation and make informed management decisions with confidence.

Here's what the program includes:

Data collection. Your Farm Credit East benchmark specialist will work with you to compile data that profiles your business in a variety of ways – from profitability to production efficiency to employee compensation and benefits.

Data analysis. Data from other wholesale greenhouse operations in the program help illustrate how your business compares within the industry. Your data stays confidential; only you and your consultant know your results. And the report is only prepared for members of the benchmark and no one else.

Greenhouse Benchmarks Report. A customized, in-depth report gives you a snapshot of your business with comparisons to similar operations, including profitability, inventory management, input costs, labor costs and more.

Results. General industry trends will be delivered to the members of the program through a group meeting. Here, you can join forces with other greenhouse/nursery operators to gain a better understanding of your industry and explore practical solutions.

Follow-up meeting. Your Farm Credit East consultant will visit your business to review your personal benchmark results in detail and develop a personalized action plan on how your improvements will impact your bottom line.

For more information and to join the Benchmarks, contact:
Contact Erin Pirro, Farm Business Consultant, at 800.562.2235 or by email with any questions or to become a member of the Green Industry Benchmarks!