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Grant Writing

We position our clients to succeed.

Farm Credit East offers grant writing services to help farms and agribusinesses grow, change or expand their enterprises.

Types of grants we work with

  • Value-added producer grants
  • Economic development programs
  • Energy-related grants
  • Special state programs

How we can help you

From our years of ag development experience, we find that both public and private sector entities are very interested in supporting agriculture and helping the industry grow and change. We therefore look for grant resources or other economic development incentives that will help our clients succeed.

We have written a multitude of grants so we understand program requirements, and also know where to look to find additional funds. Matching the appropriate program to a producer’s activity or investment is a key part of the equation that we do well.

We write grant applications that:

  • Articulate your project’s story and its benefits effectively
  • Determine a grant’s applicability to your objectives
  • Meet the application’s objectives and requirements
  • Prepare a feasibility study for programs that require one

Grant Opportunities

For a summary identifying federal and regional grants and other incentives available to help Northeast producers, click here.

Get in Touch

Contact your local office to discuss how Farm Credit East's grant writing services can help your ag business.

  • What does this grant-writing service cost?
    The cost varies based on the number of hours required to complete the grant application and its related reports. Our goal is to not go over the threshold of 5 percent of the expected grant return.
  • Will I get billed even if I don’t get the grant?
    Yes. Our team is skilled and in demand; their time has a value, as does yours.
  • When will I know if I get funded?
    That depends entirely on the funding entity and their process for scoring and announcing awardees. It can range from a few weeks to several months.
  • What is your track record for receiving grants?
    It varies depending on the program and, more importantly, on the quality (preparedness, detail, eligibility for program) of the project and the skills and experience of the grant writer. You are investing based on both of these factors. If we don’t see reasonable opportunity for success, we won’t take on your project.
  • What do you need from me, and how much time will it take me to provide it?
    The success of a grant request is largely based on the applicant’s preparedness to apply for a grant, which is the product of your thorough understanding of your project mission and objectives. A successful grant request requires a well-thought-out business plan (either on paper or in explanation), plus a drive to succeed and a minimum of funds to provide the required match.
View From The Field
“Farm Credit East’s grant expertise is second to none.”
Who can help you get the grants you need?

Ron Gruschow and his family recently added acreage to their upstate New York farm, increasing grain storage for corn, wheat and soybeans. Ron wanted to apply for a grant from National Grid that would help upgrade his farm to 3-phase electric service. He also wanted to identify other grant opportunities that may be available. However, Ron found the grant-writing process to be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and was hoping to find expert assistance.

How we helped

Farm Credit East provides its customers with informed grant-writing assistance. Ron worked with one of Farm Credit’s advisors Nathan Rudgers to navigate the application process and secure the 3-phase power incentive grant he had hoped to get. Additionally, Nathan helped Ron successfully apply for a grant through the USDA Renewable Energy for America Program. The result? Ron was able to save 25 percent of the cost of his farm’s new grain dryer system.

The paperwork and online process for grant applications is enormous. Farm Credit East worked with me every step of the way.
-Ron Gruschow
Sunny Knoll Farm
Lima, New York