Nominating Committee

Farm Credit East's Nominating Committee plays a vital role in the annual Director elections process, as they surface, interview and select the qualified candidates presented to voting members for election. At each year's Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee for the following year's election cycle is elected by the Association’s voting members.


The Committee operates independently of the Board of Directors and Association management, electing its own Chair and Vice Chair. As provided for in the Association Bylaws, the Nominating Committee consists of 27 regular members from three nominating regions – 12 from the eastern region, seven from the central region and eight from the western region. Additionally, there are 27 alternate members who can serve as a voting member in the event a regular member is absent. Each of Farm Credit East’s 24 offices has at least one member and one alternate member. This composition ensures geographic diversity and representation of various industry and business backgrounds.

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Nominating Committee Responsibilities

The Nominating Committee is charged with surfacing candidates for each open seat on the Board, taking into account representation of all loan types, Association territory and customer mix. The Nominating Committee’s work begins with meetings of each branch Customer Service Council held each fall. These councils help identify individuals interested in seeking a Board position. The Nominating Committee holds regional conference calls in December to discuss the status of efforts to identify candidates. The full Committee then meets in January to interview and select the slate of nominees that will be presented to all stockholders. The Committee works to advance two candidates per open seat. The Committee Chair presents the slate of candidates at the Annual Meeting.

When selecting the Director candidates who will be put forth to all stockholders, the Nominating Committee takes into account many criteria, including:

  • A record of demonstrated success in managing the candidate’s own business.
  • Skills, real-life experiences and training necessary to be an effective Director.
  • Ability to change hats from leading and managing their own business, to being part of a Board of Directors that holds the CEO accountable for the successful operation of your cooperative.
  • Willingness to make the significant time commitment to prepare in advance for meetings, to fully participate in all Board meetings and to attend ongoing Director training programs.
Director Candidates

Any borrower eligible to own voting stock may be eligible to be a Director candidate. If you are interested in being considered, please contact the Nominating Committee member from the branch office that services your loan, your local branch manager or complete the form below.

Nominating Committee

Any borrower eligible to own voting stock is welcome to nominate themselves to be considered for a position on Farm Credit East’s Nominating Committee. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on Farm Credit East's Nominating Committee, contact your Customer Service Council representative, your local branch manager or complete the form below.

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