December 7, 2021

Farm Credit

Fall 2021: Giving Back to our Communities

Giving Back to our Communities: Committed to our staff, our customers — and the communities we serve

Farm Credit East’s role as steward is one it takes seriously — in fact, it’s part of our organizational DNA. Whether it’s serving our customers and the industries in which they operate or contributing to the communities where our customers and staff live, the entire Farm Credit East team is committed to giving back.

In this issue’s cover story, learn more about Farm Credit East’s ESG — Environmental, Social, Governance — focus, which is of increasing interest to investors, policymakers and other stakeholders. The cover story provides an overview of each component of Farm Credit East’s ESG strategy and dives deeper into the social aspect of Farm Credit East’s story by highlighting a few programs and initiatives the cooperative has supported in recent years to ensure the vitality of the Farm Credit East team, customers and the communities where our team lives and works. 

Additional Content

  • Learn more about Farm Credit East’s customer feedback strategy.
  • In the CEO’s Message, Mike Reynolds affirms Farm Credit East’s commitment to Northeast agriculture, commercial fishing, forest products and rural communities. 
  • Read highlights from this fall’s Customer Appreciation Meetings.
  • Find out about the number of career milestones the Farm Credit East team surpassed in 2021.
  • Learn more about Farm Credit East’s nominating committee and the director seats up for election in 2022.
  • View highlights from Farm Credit East’s 2022 Agricultural Views calendar. 
  • In the Washington Update, Tom Cosgrove recaps the Farm Credit Fly-in event held in November. 

Tags: stewardship, FarmStart, AgEnhancement