December 21, 2021

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Farm Credit East Cares Donates $66,000 to Northeast Charitable Organizations

December 21, 2021

Farm Credit East announced today that the Farm Credit East Cares Community Fund donated more than $66,000 to various charitable organizations throughout the Northeast. Since the program’s 2011 inception, Farm Credit East Cares has contributed more than $920,000 to various Northeast charities and disaster relief efforts.

“Voluntary staff contributions, along with a match approved by Farm Credit East’s board of directors, provides staff with the opportunity to give to local community initiatives of their choice,” said Craig Pollock, Farm Credit East senior vice president and Farm Credit East Cares coordinator.

More than 75 northeast organizations received funds resulting from 2021 employee contributions. Recipients included food banks and hunger relief efforts, youth and agricultural education programs such as 4-H, community and health support organizations, and programs to enrich the agriculture community.

“In ten years, Farm Credit East Cares has made a meaningful impact in our local communities,” continued Pollock. “Initiated by our employees, I’m humbled each year by our team’s generosity to support important causes that make a difference in both rural and urban communities.”

The Farm Credit East Cares Community Fund was established by Farm Credit East employees who raise contributions with a Farm Credit East match. The Fund’s primary intent is to provide support for farm families and organizations impacted by disasters. In years without widespread natural disasters in the region, funds are contributed to various not-for-profit charitable organizations. Since 2011, Farm Credit East Cares has donated over $920,000.

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