March 23, 2020

Farm Credit

Spring 2020

The Road to the Corner Office: Experiences that led from Farm Kid to CEO 

Mike Reynolds has spent his entire 30-year career rising through the ranks at Farm Credit East, but originally had a different destination in mind. It has been a winding road leading from his childhood days growing up on a Central New York dairy farm to becoming CEO on January 1, 2020. Despite some unexpected turns along the route, Mike's experiences on the journey have helped prepare him as he takes over as CEO of Farm Credit East, ready to lead the organization down a road of continued success.

Additional Content

  • Mike Reynolds brings us his first CEO column, What Gets Me Up in the Morning, with thanks for the past and optimism for the future of Farm Credit East.
  • In our business services highlight, learn about the benefits of Farm Credit East's financial record-keeping services.
  • Read about Farm Credit East's patronage program.
  • This issue's Washington Update gives insight on agricultural labor, the passing of the USMCA and the China Phase 1 trade agreement.
  • Learn more about the 2020 director election process and a list of what voting members should know.
  • Lastly, meet your six candidates up for election in 2020.


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