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Generation Next

GenerationNext is a skills development program, hosted by Farm Credit East, designed to advance your management skills and business knowledge. Each seminar includes group discussions, idea sharing and networking opportunities.

In addition to each seminar, you’ll receive a reference manual with handouts and worksheets. Participants will receive a framed certificate of completion.

This program can help you:

  • Identify areas for personal growth and development
  • Build your management and leadership skills
  • Develop your financial knowledge
  • Acquire tools to help manage an agricultural business
  • Network with other emerging industry leaders

Who should attend? GenerationNext is optimal for producers who will be assuming greater management responsibilities within a farming, fishing or forest product business.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Leadership and Personnel Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Financial Statements
  • Budgeting
  • Capital Investment
  • Marketing 
  • Risk Management
  • Generational Transfer and Estate Planning

We are in the process of scheduling the 2022-23 fall/winter series. Please check back for more information or send us an email and we’ll let you know when the 2022-23 sessions have been scheduled.

Interested in attending a future GenerationNext seminar?

Contact your local branch office or send us an email to let us know.

Note that GenerationNext is limited to producers in New England, New York and New Jersey.

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  • Generation Next Seminars

    GenerationNext is a seminar series, hosted by Farm Credit East, designed to advance the management skills and business knowledge of the next generation of farm operators. Each seminar includes group discussions, idea sharing and networking opportunities. If you're interested in attending an upcoming seminar, click below.

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  • I’m new to agriculture. Will I be able to keep up with the discussions?
    GenerationNext is more about the dollars and cents aspects of ag businesses than about plants or cows. You can expect intermediate or college-level instruction, but no prior knowledge of financial terms is necessary.
  • I’m on a budget. Is the program worth the investment of my time and money.
    Good management separates top performing farms from those that fall behind. This course will give you the tools to manage your business profitably. Past participants speak highly of the program, but investing is a decision that only you can make.
  • I’m an experienced manager. Will I benefit?
    Experienced managers can also benefit from a refresher course, even if you have a college degree or years of management experience. You will pick up valuable insights from our farm business consultants as well as from your GenerationNext colleagues in the class.
  • When and how long are the seminars?
    Seminars take place over a period of three months, one per month, and are generally held in the fall or early winter. They run from 9:30 a.m. to approximately 3:30 p.m.; lunch and refreshments are included. Check with your local Farm Credit East branch office for specific dates in your area.
  • Do I need a special computer or software?
    In addition to seminars, we supply the GenerationNext computer course on a flash drive. The course runs on a PC or Mac computer and works with most web browsers. No special software, Internet access or specialized computer skills are necessary. It is helpful to be familiar with Microsoft Excel, but not necessary.